We’ve recently partnered with another brand doing some amazing things. WØRKS is an Australian personal care and home fragrance brand that considers the environment at the forefront of its ethos. With similar values to ours and sophisticated Danish design, they’re the perfect brand to complement Loop Home homewares.

Our partnership with WØRKS has much to do with the immense respect we hold for their brand values, and how well they align with our own. In fact, there are some particularly notable synergies that ensure they’re a brand we can trust, and you can too.

Much like us, all of their products are organic. Where our sheets are made from GOTS certified organic cotton (CU1133274), their products are formulated with certified organic ingredients (a much higher standard than ‘natural products’). And to take it a step further, we both ensure all of our products are vegan and biodegradable.  

But it’s not just what’s in the final product that matters. To consider our environmental impact before the products even hit the shelves, both brands have invested in carbon offsetting.  This ensures that any unavoidable carbon pollution that occurs during manufacturing or transportation is offset with a range of environmental restoration projects, including tree planting and protecting native forests.

At the core of both our brands is circularity. WØRKS offers refills from glass vessels that can then be returned back to their stores for reuse. Through our Re-Loop program, we offer a closed-loop recycling program here in Australia, through which customers can return old Loop Home products that will then be up-cycled and sold in the store.

And WØRKS also boasts some other sustainability initiatives unique to their industry. All of their products are housed in glass vessel containers instead of plastic. This means they can be reused or recycled an unlimited number of times. If they do enter the environment, they won’t release any toxic chemicals that could pose a risk to both human and environmental health. Australian owned, they source locally grown ingredients and manufacture within Australia to reduce transportation emissions and support the local economy. And for the peace of mind of their customers, their products are cruelty-free, ensuring no use of animal products or testing.


Loop Home X Works promotion

To celebrate our new partnership with WØRKS, we’re offering a package of a Loop Home bath towel (typically $69) and WØRKS 250mL ØDENSE Revitalising Body Duo (typically $76) at the reduced price of $119.