We work closely with our production partners to source the finest organic cotton available.

Following our simple care guidelines will help to maximise the lifespan of our products and minimise the environmental impact of their enjoyment.


Plush loops are a feature of our products, and with the proper care our towels will remain softer for longer.

From time-to-time loose threads may appear on the towels.

Do not pull these, instead snip at the base of the loose thread. Leaving loose threads hanging may cause damage to the towel over time.



We advise washing our towels through one cycle prior to use to increase the absorbency of the fabric. 

Wash with other items using a natural detergent on a gentle cycle with warm water.  This cycle will reduce the stress on the towel when wet and keep the fabric softer with less lint.


Do not use fabric softeners or bleach and be mindful of chemicals in any skincare products which may discolour the fabric after contact.

Softeners have the effect of coating the cotton fibres which reduces the absorbency of our products.


We recommend line drying our towels and bedding away from direct sunlight, All items can be tumble dried on low heat and at low speed.

Using a lower speed will reduce friction and wear on the items and help ensure they stay softer for longer.