Loop Home Organic Cotton Laundry Bag


Our vision is to offer differentiated designs, using yarns sourced from organic farms, with ethical and transparent supply chains.

Our organic cotton is sourced exclusively from the Aegean coast in Türkiye, close to our supplier's manufacturing facility. Transportation is a material component of the carbon footprint of the industry, and we seek to minimise our footprint wherever possible.

Due to the relative scarcity of organic cotton, it generally trades at a 15-20% premium over conventional cotton. By offering it to you directly we can provide products at an accessible price, without the intermediaries.

Each product is crafted with the highest quality organic cotton we could source, with designs that can be reversed to maximise their value and time in use to you.

We finish each of our quilt covers with zips that are made from 100% post-consumer plastic waste that’s been recovered from the ocean. Each king size quilt cover zip recycles ~170 single use water bottles.

It’s a small figure when an estimated 8 million metric tonnes of plastic trash end up in the ocean each year, but it’s still something. No one company will solve the problem, but collectively as consumers we can.


Loop Home Plastic Recycling



As part of Loop Home's GOTS certification (CU1133274) we adhere to a stringent set of packaging requirements and take things a step further where we can.

You won’t find any plastic in our products – our packaging is designed to be re-used. Our dust bags are made from our pillowcase offcuts and you can reuse our tote bags at the grocery store.

Depending on the item, our products are shipped in biodegradable bags or FSC certified cardboard that is fully recyclable. Our labels and packing tape are both paper based and fully recyclable, too.