Sustainable spa at home

Sustainable Spa at Home

Whether you have a hectic schedule or prefer to live life in the slow lane, taking the time to look after yourself, both physically and mentally, is incredibly important. And one way to do both at once is with an at-home spa day. But many spa products and treatments can negatively impact the environment, so if you’d like to look after yourself and the planet, there are ways to make your spa day more eco-friendly.

Why a spa day is good for you

Self-care isn’t just about going to the gym, eating healthy and meditating. It can also be as simple as taking a moment to just relax and let yourself be. And what better way to do this than by donning a face mask, putting on some music and soaking in a warm bath. But why, exactly, is this good for you?

First, let’s touch on the reason many people choose to go to a spa: to de-stress. Taking a warm bath in a tranquil environment can encourage mental and physical calmness that can reduce stress, depression, anxiety and anger. This calming effect, and the resulting dip in body temperature that comes after a bath, can also help your body shift into sleep mode and improve your sleep. For more bedtime rituals, see our blog on unwinding before bed. A warm bath has also been shown to help soothe joint and muscle pain and, if you choose to use treatments during your spa, these can improve hair and skin health.

How to make your spa day sustainable

Unfortunately, many personal care products have ingredients that are harmful to the environment, like plastic exfoliating microbeads, preservatives and synthetic fragrances. But it’s more than possible to get eco-friendly products so you can truly appreciate your spa day without an ounce of guilt. To do so, try to choose natural, certified organic products with low-waste or zero packaging. One of our favourites is WØRKS, an Australian personal care and home fragrance brand that has some great eco-friendly body balms, soaps and, for a complete sensory experience, aromatic candles.

It's also possible to make your own face masks using ingredients you already have at home. They’ll be non-toxic, cheaper and are likely to be better for the environment. Depending on what you’re hoping to achieve, there are lots of different recipes you can try. Check some out here.

Finally, once you’ve finished your bath and are ready to relax, you can dry yourself off with a luxurious, organic cotton towel.

How to make the most of your at-home spa

  • Set the mood: start your self-care process by lighting some scented candles and popping on some soft music that’ll put you in a calming mood.
  • Prep your treatments: if you’re choosing to make your own treatments, it’s time to get them ready. It’s also a good idea to make a cold drink like fruit-infused water to stay hydrated.
  • Draw a bath: when your treatments are all prepared, draw a bath, turn off any bright lights and, for the full experience, throw in a natural bath bomb.
  • Relax and mask-up: now you’ve set the mood, it's finally time to hop into your warm bath, apply your treatments, and let yourself simply relax.