Sustainable ways to cool your home this summer

Sustainable Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

During the hot summer months, it’s all too common to simply turn on the air conditioner and leave it on at all times. But this is something that the environment and your electricity bills won’t be thanking you for any time soon. Luckily, there are a variety of sustainable methods to keep your home cool that don’t need energy-guzzling appliances. From décor choices to tech solutions, it’s time to start considering the environment when cooling your home.

Home décor

Your décor choices can have a significant impact on how much your home absorbs and holds summer heat. One of the most impactful choices you can make to prepare your home for summer, is to install blackout blinds. These block out sunlight and can reduce the heat entering through windows by up to 24 percent.

Clever use of plants can also help. Through the process of transpiration, they naturally cool your home and can also be grown to act as extra insulation. To do this, install vertical gardens inside your home or grow vines on exterior walls that can help keep heat out.

And, finally, fabric choices can also be impactful. Consider switching out any thick or fluffy blankets and throws for breathable, lightweight organic cotton or linen fabrics. At Loop Home, our sheets and quilt covers have been made with highly breathable, long staple single-ply organic cotton to help keep you cool on those hot summer nights.


While many people rely on air conditioners, there are other appliances that can cool your home without the same hefty bills or environmental impact. And who can forget about the good old fan. For most-effective use, fans can be used to create cross-ventilation. To do this, one fan should be placed pointing in from a window with a breeze, and a second fan should be placed to point out of the opposite door or window. This will create a continuous flow of air through the room, allowing it to cool.

Other cost-effective options include buying door seal strips to cover gaps where heat can get in and opting for LED lights, which don’t create heat like standard lightbulbs. Or, if you have the budget, installing solar panels allows you to use an air conditioner without the bills or guilt that comes with it.

Thoughtful use of the home

To ensure cooling methods can be as efficient as possible, it’s also important to use your home thoughtfully. Doors and windows should be opened during the coolest parts of the day, like early morning and late evening, and closed again well -before the heat has a chance to get in. High-powered appliances should, ideally, be used at night when windows can be opened, and heat can escape. Luckily, energy also tends to be cheapest at these off-peak times, but be sure to check with your provider.

At Loop Home, all of our products are carbon neutral and made from GOTS certified organic cotton (CU1133274). They’ll help reduce your energy usage, but you can also be sure they’ve been made with minimal impact on the planet.