Tips to help you get a good quality sleep.

Time for Bed

By now, you’re probably aware of just how important sleep is for both mental and physical health. Sleep gives us a chance to heal and recharge for the next day, making it very important to get the right amount. But understanding that good-quality sleep is important, and actually getting it, are two completely different things. So, what can you do to make sure you get a healthy amount of sleep?

Maintain a routine

Research has indicated that developing a sleep schedule and maintaining it helps improve the quality of your rest. The exact amount of sleep one should get depends on the person, but it’s best to aim for somewhere between 7 and 9 hours a night. Then, it’s a matter of deciding what time to go to bed. This also varies between people and essentially comes down to what feels best for you. If you feel most awake in the evening, it’s okay to go to bed late and wake up late. Or, if you’re more of an early riser, do the opposite. If your job doesn’t match what feels most natural, a routine will be even more important to ensure your body adjusts well.

For a healthy bedtime routine, try to ensure your sleep pattern varies by no more than an hour once a week and stay off your phone and other electronic devices for an hour or two before you go to sleep.

Calming your senses

Your bedroom environment, including how it looks, feels, smells and sounds, can also affect your quality of sleep. When designing your bedroom, consider all these senses and try to choose design elements that you find calming. Visually, this might mean reducing clutter or choosing colours like blues and greens for your styling. Loop Home’s bedding comes in calming blues for exactly this reason. To consider how your bedroom feels, ensure it is well-ventilated and maintained at a comfortable temperature (between 15.6 and 22 degrees Celsius). For a pleasant smell, many people find lavender oil helps promote relaxation, but take some time to work out what’s best for you. And, finally, to consider sound, you want to try insulating your room from outside noise. If this isn’t possible, play white noise or comforting music to help drown out any unexpected sounds.

Good quality bedding

It’s for a very good reason that there are so many mattress stores out there. Your mattress plays an important role in providing comfort and support during sleep, but it’s important to remember that comfort is subjective. So, taking your time to choose the right mattress for you, and investing in a good quality one, can do wonders for your sleep.

But it’s not just the mattress you should think about when it comes to your bedding. Your bed sheets and doona are also important, and these will largely depend on your climate. If it’s hot, choose fabrics that are breathable. As we’re in Australia, Loop Home has opted for highly breathable long-staple organic cotton for all our bedding. For cold weather, thicker, fluffy fabrics that hold in heat will help you remain snug all night.

If you feel you’re not getting enough good-quality sleep, adjusting your night-time routine and bedroom environment can make a big difference. If, however, sleep continues to be an issue for you, it’s best to see a doctor for proper medical advice.