Loop Home Global Organic Textile Standard GOTS


The Global Organic Textiles Standard ("GOTS") was established in 2006 as a standard for best practice throughout the supply chain for both ecological (looking after planet) and labour conditions (looking after people) in textile and apparel manufacturing, using organic raw materials.

When you see the GOTS label on textiles and apparel you can be assured that none of the following feature in the product:

  • Hazardous chemicals commonly used in textiles processing that can cause cancer, birth defects and other serious illnesses for workers in the supply chain. It also means there’s no residue in your clothes or sheets.
  • Fair treatment of workers in the supply chain, including no child or forced labour. This seems basic but is a real problem for workers in certain countries that have weak labour laws for protection.


Loop Home Global Organic Textile Standard GOTS


We recommend doing a search online for the country of origin of your clothes or home textiles and how they are reported to treat textile workers. This should show you why GOTS certification is crucial to provide transparency throughout the supply chain.

Compliance with GOTS is audited by third party certification bodies and the process is rigorous - we know this because Loop Home is certified under GOTS (CU1133274). 

We hold ourselves accountable to the same standards we expect of our suppliers.

You can read more about GOTS here.