1% For The Planet Loop Home Helping Fund Change


At Loop Home we do everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment in-house but there are many things we simply can’t do ourselves. Instead, it’s through our partnership with organisations like 1% for the Planet and Greenfleet that we’re able to have a bigger impact. But it’s always great to go back and see what that impact actually is, so here’s some of the things we’ve helped fund in the past year.

But first, a bit about the organisations we’ve chosen to partner with. 1% for the Planet is a global initiative that certifies the donations of businesses (like us) to encourage a commitment to environmental causes. Businesses that become members must commit to donating the equivalent of 1% of gross sales to approved environmental organisations. When businesses advertise the 1% for the Planet logo, consumers can feel comforted knowing that part of their purchases are going to a good cause.

 Our chosen good cause, Greenfleet has been around since 1997 and plants native biodiverse forests throughout Australia and New Zealand. These forests capture carbon emissions to help in the fight against climate change and restore critical habitats for native wildlife.  

In 2021, Greenfleet planted native trees on a total of 530 hectares across Australia and New Zealand. Over their lifetime, these trees are expected to sequester enough carbon to offset the equivalent of 26,000 average Australian households. In 2022, their impacts are only improving with the help of more funding and new projects.

One particular project we’re interested in is the Wurneet Laang Laang project in Victoria. It’s been running since 2016, in which time more than 50,000 trees have been planted on the 66-hectare site. This has resulted in a new, biodiverse forest that supports a wealth of native animals. In 2019, Strzelecki Koalas were even found within the site. This is particularly exciting as Strzelecki Koalas consist of the original diverse gene pool of Koalas and are crucial to the survival of Koalas in Victoria and South Australia.

Another project we love, is the Low Glow Project in Queensland. Through this project, Greenfleet hopes to help protect Queensland’s endangered sea turtle population by planting trees around turtle nesting sites. As the trees grow, the nesting sites will be shielded from the light pollution from the local community, reducing the chances of baby turtles getting lost on their first trip into the ocean.

By working with Greenfleet we can proudly say that Loop Home is a 100% carbon neutral company. We make sure to measure the footprint from our entire supply chain, from the Aegean Coast in Türkiye all the way back here to Australia. We then offset our carbon footprint by donating to causes like Greenfleet.

Taking responsibility for our impacts on the planet should be standard practice for all companies. But convincing them to do so isn’t easy – which is where you come in. By putting pressure on other brands (big and small) to make similar commitments we have, you can help encourage the change that’s desperately needed, because it’s about time that our planet became a priority.