Loop Home - versatile designs at home


We’ve all found ourselves getting bored of our homes, no matter how nice they are, but it’s an expensive (and wasteful) endeavour to go about regular renovations. This is where homewares can really shine, giving us the ability to change up the design without committing to any permanent changes. And that’s part of the basis behind many of our design choices at Loop Home—pieces that make it easy to mix things up every now and then. 

 New life

Imagine a bathroom. It has white tiled walls and light grey marble tiles on the floor. Glass screens enclosing a shower and a white vanity sit against one wall and a bath rests below a large window on the other. This is a very common bathroom design but, on its own, it’s kind of bland. Add in some coloured towels, and the mood of the room changes instantly.

This is the power of homewares, by changing even a single item, you can give new life to a space. And changing colours and patterns through textiles is a particularly good, affordable way to quickly shift the mood of a room. In Western Culture, for example, blue is known to be relaxing and is a great choice for bedrooms. In addition to this, curved lines are often considered to be elegant and zig zag patterns can bring a sense of excitement.

At Loop Home, we’ve designed all of our products with this in mind. To help encourage calm emotions, we’ve chosen light blues and greens as the primary colours of all our pieces. All of our products are also reversible, so all you need to do is flip your quilt over and the mood of your room will have shifted instantly. 

Conscious consumption

Renovating and redesigning your entire home can be a very costly, wasteful process that should be rarely done. Using homewares instead is an ideal way to still change up a room without the unnecessary financial and environmental effects. And, preparing ahead of time for these changes with reversible textiles (like the ones we sell) is an even better solution that allows you to update your space without even leaving the house. 

Our Loop Home products have been designed to sit alongside your modern home, evoking mood in your rooms through the colours and patterns on our reversible pieces. We hope to bring the comfort and luxury of a traditional craft with an updated, sustainable twist at a price we believe it should be.